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YouTube Channel Production

I have worked with clients on the production of a YouTube Channel to enable them to disseminate their messages to a wider audience and to help drive traffic to their websites and Social Media pages.  The primary aim is to draw attention to their ideas in order to stimulate bookings for their online learning programmes, workshops and book sales. 


The content of the videos belongs to the clients, although I am happy to use my public speaking and event management experience to advise on scripting and presentation techniques.  I film the videos, edit them, upload them to YouTube, tag them for Search Engine Optimisation and help to disseminate them through the clients' websites and Social Media channels.


The Channels I have worked with with are:

  • Hey Big Spender, who provides tips and techniques to people who have spending addiction issues. Ann Carver now has a second YouTube Channel - Treasure You Time.
  • Laughterlines Coaching, who provide workshops, counselling and mentoring through the benefits of Laughter
  • Reay Art, who create artworks - mostly in the medium of glass fusion, but also in other genres
  • Seabreeze Counselling Plus, who provide psychotherapeutic counselling and personal development coaching
  • Black Arrow Space Technologies, who are developing rockets and satellite launch systems to create a British launch capability
  • Heartspace, who provide community activities in the Bracklesham and Chichester area. 

I have also produced a short video for  Arun Speakers Club to use on their website and Social Media pages.

Bill Leach Freelance CV - July 2019
Here is my Curriculum Vitae (updated July 2019) - please feel free to download and browse. Contact me is you would like any further information or clarification
Bill Leach CV - Freelance July 2019.pdf
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